1.8M Reception desk

Product Description.

The reception desk is made of pure hard wood mahogany with a quality finish of a varying designs, colors and even sizes. With a 1.8m width and a standing height of about 1.6 meters (160 centimeters) it covers minimal office space hence suitable for both open and closed office spaces. It also comes along with a 3-drawer side pedestal which consists of 3 lockable drawers convenient for document storage and file sorting. The back view/end also contains a spacious top work base for both installation of any electronics or any other devices to help the secretary in the day in , day out running of the office or use is a a writing space and placement of quick access documents/files.

Original price was: KSh 72,000.00.Current price is: KSh 68,000.00.


1.8m Reception office desk

This imported reception desk; a 1.8m desk suitable for any office reception space. Its made of pure hard wood mahogany that is long lasting, durable and the finish gives a classy office outlook. With a maximum height of about 1.6M, and a width of 0.7m it occupies minimum office space. It also exists in a variety of colors, sizes and designs blending with a variety of seats also available both online and instore.

-Reception area is all about documentation and that is why we pack the desk along with the 3 drawer pedestal (It consists of three lockable drawers) for document storage and even file sorting. On the back end, there is also a conducive and spacious work space for either writing, or installation of any electrical device you need to keep you up and running for your day in day out tasks.

-The lower void-space allows you to use a variety of seats and be able to move around freely without any restriction. You can use seats like; head rest office seats, secretarial office seat, high back executive office seat and even the mesh executive office seat.

Mode of use/ installation

-Receptions desks are entirely designed for any office reception space, usually the first work space visitors have to come around when they visit you office; thus its essential to make the right product choice and correct set-up to show class and standard. Usually place it exactly after the first door or around the first corner after the office entrance but most preferable, at the visibility of any incoming visitor or individual. Our esteemed team will help you set-up your office upon order placement. 

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