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Improved posture:

-Ergonomic chairs are built to support the body, promote good posture, and prevent discomfort.

  • Provide spine support and a natural position for your joints.
  • Align shoulders, spine, and hips.
  • Adjustability: Ergonomic chairs are highly adjustable, meaning they can adjust to suit any body type and provide support. Ergonomic chairs are made for everyone.
  • Boosted productivity: When uncomfortable at work, it’s difficult to focus on the work and instead end up distracted by the discomfort. Being comfortable at means you’re more likely to have higher concentration and produce better quality work.

Seat width and depth adjustment

-Adjusting the depth of your chair will determine how much support your thighs receive. To check the depth of your seat, sit as far back as possible in your chair. The space you need between the chair and the back of your knees is roughly three fingers wide. An ergonomic chair will have a seat slider so that you can achieve this easily. Ergonomic chairs are often built to order and your DSE assessor might suggest a different sized seat pad width so that you can sit comfortably. In the same vein, your assessor might specify additions like a coccyx cut out or memory foam seat to reduce pressure on the base of the spine.

Seat height adjustment

An ergonomic chair will have a gas lift so that you can adjust the height you are sitting at. The right height means that your forearms are in-line with your desk; if your feet do not remain flat on the floor in this position then you will need a footrest.

Five-star base

If you are in an office of 5 or more screen users, DSE regulations state that office chairs must have a five-star base. Usually made in high-grade plastic or polished aluminum, these prevent the chair from tipping and keep your feet safely on the ground when you adjust your posture. The castors on the base will vary based on your job specification and environment: If your office has carpet, soft floor castors will compensate for this and if you are on a tall lab stool you will most likely have a chair with break loaded castors to stop the chair from slipping away from you.

Back support

The back support of an ergonomic chair is height adjustable so that it can offer maximum support to the lumbar region of the spine. The shape and fabric can vary based on the ergonomic principle that it is trying to achieve but all offer a good level of support to match the contours of the spine. If the chair has a mechanism built in such as a tilt mechanism, this also means your spine remains supported whilst you move throughout the day.

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