Modern Office Boss Executive Desk (2.2M)

  1. Elegant 2.2-Meter Surface: A spacious work area ensures room to excel in tasks and fosters collaborative engagements.
  2. Contemporary Aesthetics: The sleek design and premium materials radiate modern sophistication, enhancing your office’s visual appeal.
  3. Organizational Excellence: Ample storage solutions, including drawers and compartments, keep essentials within easy reach while maintaining a tidy workspace.
  4. Durable Craftsmanship: Constructed for lasting performance, the desk stands up to the demands of executive work, day after day.
  5. Professional Versatility: Seamlessly adaptable to various office setups, the desk integrates effortlessly with different interior styles.

Original price was: KSh 95,000.00.Current price is: KSh 88,000.00.


Experience the epitome of modern professionalism with our 2.2-meter Modern Office Boss Executive Desk. Meticulously designed to command attention, this desk redefines your workspace with its contemporary aesthetics and unmatched functionality. The generous 2.2-meter surface offers an expansive area for managing tasks, collaborating with colleagues, and hosting meetings, all while exuding an air of sophistication that elevates your office ambiance.

Modern Office Boss Executive Desk has a sleek and elegant design to suit the modern office of today’s executives. Fitted with a combination lock for easy and secure access to drawers containing your important documents. Extra storage compartments, cabinets and power socket for excellent cable management included.

Crafted for the discerning executive, this desk features a seamless integration of form and function. The clean lines and premium materials create a visual masterpiece that blends seamlessly into any office environment. The desk also boasts a thoughtful arrangement of storage solutions, including ample drawers and compartments, allowing you to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Whether you’re signing deals or tackling projects, the 2.2-meter Modern Office Boss Executive Desk provides the perfect backdrop for success.

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